The Designer


Is it any wonder that fashion is so tightly woven into designer Maristella Citelli’s life?

Raised in the Brazilian fashion scene in the 1980s, Maristella Citelli has the background behind the beauty. Besides manufacturing her designs, she managed and owned three clothing boutiques in Rio de Janeiro before an eight year stint as a graduate designer and design consultant.

 In 2009, she started designing her own line in the United States, in conjunction with a social project created by her mother in deprived areas in the Southeastern parts of Brazil. Maristella Citelli’s collections are sold in over 90 boutiques in the USA. Now the line is innovates its designs with signatures looks for Athleisure.

Each piece is lovingly designed to be alluring and versatile— for the woman who radiates beauty from the inside. Inspired by the rich, vibrant, lusciousness of Brazil, and her hometown, Rio de Janeiro’s life style, Maristella Citelli translates these elements through sculpted curves combined with architectural forms, rich and energized colors, and incredible details to make a modern, sensual and free fit.

Maristella Citelli’s passion for fashion has always been tied to the human hand’s potential to interpret intricate details. In her collections, she explores elaborate constructions and patterns—sunbursts, spontaneous explosions of shapes and colors —giving energy to the garments with a special innovative aesthetic.

Maristella Citelli designs with a purpose. “My creations are about freedom. The most fascinating things about a piece of clothing is how it becomes beautifully designed and constructed, for whom it is created for, and what impact it has on our society and our purposes.—Says Maristella Citelli.